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Shree: The Sacred, Magical Sound of Abundance

| January 29, 2012


Lakshmi Goddess of Creativity

Lakshmi Goddess of Creativity

Shree is the magical, sacred sound that creates abundance in all areas of life.

You have a center of creative abundance inside you. Chanting Shree activates, cleanses and grows the bright yellow energy ball in your solar plexus that is your creative power.



Many people confuse their center of creative abundance with Manipura chakra (third chakra) which is also yellow. They are very close together, but the chakra is several inches lower and much deeper in your body, back near your spine.

It’s very easy to tell the difference. Chant Shree to activate the creative ball in your solar plexus. Then chant Rang, the sacred sound for Manipura Chakra. You’ll feel the energy vibrations change from one place to the other.


  1. Shr as in Shrevport directs the energy to your abundance center.
  2. eeeee…… while vibrating your nose bone for the full exhalation of your breath produces the vibrations that make your creative center dance into life inside you.

Vibrating your nasal bone is the magical secret that makes Shree come alive. No vibration = no energy moving.

If you feel self conscious about childishly making sounds through your nose, simply pretend that you’re a little kid again. Letting your beautiful inner child play will enable you to tap into the energy of abundance very easily.

Chanting Shree

Chant Shreeeeeee…. while vibrating your nasal bone for at least twenty minutes. Setting a timer like your cell phone alarm will remove worries about time. Or you can be more traditional and use a set of beads to chant with.

It may best to focus on growing creativity rather than asking directly for money. Powerful creative abilities will give you what you need to create the conditions of wealth in your life.

Focus your attention on your solar plexus while chanting. You should soon feel it vibrating, and the yellow ball will appear. The energy in it will begin moving. You may see/feel this as sparks, vibrations or dancing energy. The ball will grow, becoming brighter and stronger.

Waves of yellow energy may come out of it, rippling through your entire body. Allow the yellow energy inside you to connect into the field of Universal creative energy that’s all around you.

You can manifest your desire simply by holding it firmly focused in your mind while chanting.

Goddess Lakshmi

Lovely, generous Lakshmi is the Goddess of creativity and abundance. Her mantra is “Om Shree maha Lakshmi yai Svaha.”

Chanting her mantra invokes her presence. Goddess Lakshmi might appear inside the yellow ball, or inside you.

Ask her for what you desire in your life.

If you’re uncomfortable with Hindu Goddesses, chanting Shree alone will take you straight to the universal field of creative abundance.



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