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More Testimonials

“I’ve been deeply immersed in things of the “spiritual path” since forever. Richard and Remedia’s work was however something new for me. The two removed negative energies from me and began a healing process that I observe still continuing to this day. Now I feel returned to the openness and joy of contact with others that I had experienced before the placing of these negative blocks. I’ve told others about them, and I am happy to continue to follow the work of Richard and Remedia.”

Diane Hunter, retired Psychotherapist, United States March 2007


“No money, jewels or words can describe how grateful I am for the things you have done for me. You have opened up my mind, taught me about myself, made me feel emotions I didn’t know I had, found the root to my problems in my pelvis, made me think about the past, present and future, and given me the tools to get to know and work on myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Anne University student, Denmark


“I have learnt much from both Richard and Remedia as they make an excellent team in ensuring the students get the learning.  They are very compassionate and share their experiences with their humble and unique ways which makes the learning integration so much fun. The best thing is that you can feel it in your heart that teachings are so pure with love and they give 100% without holding anything back.

Chai Kim, Malaysia


We met Richard and Remedia when we were living in Singapore in 2010.  At that time we were going through a rough patch and Remedia advised us the best option was to return to Australia. That was the last thing we wanted to hear as we had packed up from Australia to start a new life in Singapore.

There were a few sessions we had with Richard and Remedia to help us through our struggles.  They gave of their time and energy unconditionally.  Remedia has a special gift of being able to release the negative emotions and lift you up with her special life force.

As it turned out , we had to leave Singapore.  We are now back in Australia and settling into our new jobs and new life as was predicted by Remedia.

Ruby and Charles Porter, Sydney, Australia, 3 December 2011.

Charles : Area Manager
Ruby : Customer Service Representative
I met Remedia while drinking tea in front of Raman Maharshi Ashram in India. The next day I went to visit them without expecting much, but this appointment changed my life!

Remedia and Richard did a reading/healing session for me. I felt something leave me and I began feeling much more open and more in the present. I returned the next day to learn how to connect myself to The Source of all that is to heal myself. It was a great experience in Love. I got many news tools to heal and transform myself. I then learned Kundalini, which I still practice. Every day it makes me more conscious of the powerful energies in and around me.

I’m really thankful to Richard and Remedia. They are warriors of light giving a great contribution to the coming new time, a new consciousness closer to Source.

Gilbert Wolfisberg, Switzerland Aug. 3, 2011


“A big thank you to Remedia and Richard for all they brought to me, through healing sessions and all the time we shared together. The healing compassion of Remedia added to the clear perception of Richard make them precious to anyone meeting them. I’ve been blessed to share precious moments of my life with them and am deeply grateful for what they’re doing to help people feel better in their lives. Humility and commitment to spread love are the words I choose to describe them.

Remedia and Richard, merci from the heart.”

Helene, France


Thank you both for teaching me the various modalities of meditation. You have helped me raise my vibrations and gain a feeling oneness with the universe. I can now choose how to manage my work, relationships and stress as a professional. I love it!

Richard and Remedia as a team offer so much value in the training.  They both are dedicated and have the highest and best intention for you.  They both sensed my stress issues and gave me extra sessions to clear the negative energies, an example of how dedicated they are as healers.  I highly recommend Shaktipath meditation to anyone who wants to meditate.

Jass, Singapore


Every meditation session went very deep. It’s hard to believe that we get to achieve such a deep state in such a short time. The energy that we experienced throughout the course was incredible! This workshop is strongly recommended. It is powerful, insightful yet FUN! Richard’s teaching is empowering while Remedia is a loving healer and psychic. I feel that I am lucky enough to meet them in my spiritual journey!

Stacey Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 17 April 2011