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Metta Meditation –How to do Loving-Kindness Meditation

| August 12, 2015

Grow Loving-Kindness Inside Yourself With Metta Meditation

Meditating in love, or metta meditation, is one of the fastest ways to grow spiritually.

You can watch and listen to this excellent guided meditation by Sharon Salzburg and you can read more about the origins of metta below the video, where you’ll also discover a method to make your metta meditation far more powerful.


Understanding the origins of metta meditation will help you gain clarity and insight that will help you grow your loving-kindness meditation quickly.

Mahayana Buddhism

Metta meditation is practiced in all forms of Buddhism, but it’s in Mahayana Buddhism that metta is dominant.

Mahayana Buddhism is practiced widely in China, Korea and Japan. The principal deity is Amitabha Buddha.

Upon gaining enlightenment, Amitabha Buddha took a vow to remain in our universe until all other beings have also attained enlightenment. This practice has become a central pillar of Mahayana Buddhism – the selfless devotion of yourself for the betterment of all other beings.

Being selflessly devoted to growing loving-kindness in others speeds up your own spiritual practice immeasurably as love grows inside of you rapidly.

Metta meditation is the principle Mahayana practice that will grow your inner love fast.

Love will blossom inside of you, washing you clean and clear of any other conflicting emotions. Your karma will clear and your thoughts will become pure.

In advanced metta meditation practices, you will actually become Amitaba Buddha.

Understanding the structure of metta meditations

All metta meditations follow the same general structure. Knowing and understanding the structure will help you create your own loving -kindness meditation.

There are five general steps:

  1. Loving yourself
  2. Loving people that you have a good relationship with
  3. Loving people you’re ambivalent about
  4. Loving people who have harmed you or that you have difficulty with
  5. Loving all beings

As you listen to the Sharon Salzburg video above, you’ll easily identify these five steps. Once you identify the five steps, and you know how to use them,  you can easily create your own metta meditations any time you want.

Creating more powerful metta meditations

Creating extremely powerful metta meditations is very easy if you have a good imagination or good visualization skills.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visualize Amitabha Buddha directly in front of you
  2. Send love and gratitude from your heart to Amitabha Buddha
  3. See Amitabha Buddha’s love coming back to you filling you with love
  4. See the love flowing through you to the people you love seated behind you
  5. See the love flowing through you to the people you feel ambivalent about who are seated behind the people you love
  6. See love flowing through you to the people you have difficulties with who are seated behind the people you feel ambivalent about
  7. See the love flowing through you to everyone seated behind you and then to all beings in the entire universe

By using the love coming from Amitabha Buddha, you’ll have a far more powerful source of love to work with. Using Amitabha Buddha’s selfless love you’ll be able to reach far more people, help them better and grow much faster yourself.

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