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Kundalini  Awakening Help

Easily and Safely Use Kundalini to Change Your Life

Do you want to awaken your Kundalini?

Or do you need help managing a Kundalini awakening?

Or do you just want to know how your Kundalini really works?​

Kundalini can take you to Enlightenment 

Helping You to Meditate n Heal

Hi Dear Spiritual Friend,

We're Richard & Remedia Crown.

We're fully committed to bringing you a healthy, happy Spiritual growth process. 

You can ask questions and get real, practical answers from experienced Kundalini veterans in our interactive Skype/Telephone sessions right in your own home.

​We work with Shaktipat & Deeksha to give you Kundalini awakening help in guided meditations.

In the sections below you'll discover:

  • How our own difficult Kundalini awakening experience benefits you.
  • A comprehensive list of Kundalini awakening symptoms.
  • 7 essentials for your successful Kundalini awakening.

How Our Own Kundalini Difficulties Benefit You

Tears streamed silently down my face. The top of my head was gone. For the first time in my life, I felt completely normal. Highly energized, but completely normal. All I could do was whisper, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Remedia sat beside me, strangely silent for once. Later she confided,''I saw my dead Mother and Father."

Krishna Kantha, Thailand's living Saint, had just raised our Kundalini after days of preparation.

In coming weeks, the most wonderful teacher we ever had would give us the ability to awaken the Kundalini in other people.

What Krishna Kantha didn't do, what nearly all Kundalini Gurus fail to do, was prepare us in any way for the coming maelstrom of releasing issues and confusing Spiritual abilities that tormented us after Kundalini awakened in us.

The next months and years were a time of intense struggle for both of us.

Your experience may be much easier, but we weathered:

  • Home Loss: We lost our idyllic beach bungalow, becoming nomads wandering Asia in search of the deepest meditations.
  • Career Change: We had to create the career the Universe wanted us to have as Spiritual teachers and healers.
  • Medical Issues: Remedia had a hysterectomy. I suffered a shattered elbow and hernia surgery.
  • Family Separation: Remedia lost contact with her adult son. My adult children moved to the US.
  • Financial Struggle: I went from being able to make $1000 a day to a hand to mouth existence.

Throughout all of these life changing external events, we had to continually deal with Kundalini releasing ever deeper, more painful issues inside of us while, at the same time, it opened us to ever more powerful Spiritual blessings.

That's what Kundalini does. It brings all the negative issues from this life, and all past lives, up for you to deal with using all the wonderful abilities Kundalini awakens in you.

It can be a time of great confusion as you try to understand your new abilities and immense suffering as you heal all your issues.

​Kundalini awakening created a perfect storm in our lives with no one available to give us any guidance. Fortunately we had a good meditation/healing practice already, so we did have tools like Reiki and White Light to help ourselves with.

We also had the loving support of each other.

Our time of intense difficulty lasted about three years. By then, we had figured out what each arising issue was and how to heal it. We also understood how to explore and make use of our newly awakening Spiritual gifts as they appeared.​

Today ​we've both gone through the struggles all the way to ego death in Emptiness, been told to teach by Indian Gurus, and are continually going deeper into our own strong meditation practice while awakening and supporting others.

We're seeing many others struggling through Kundalini awakening without having strong meditation or healing skills. These people are suffering immensely.​

Dreaded, Misunderstood  Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Maybe you've experienced some of these Kundalini awakening symptoms or heard horror stories.

Physical & Behavioral Symptoms

Often result in medical misdiagnosis leading to medication or hospitalization.

Muscle twitches, cramps or spasms.

Energy rushes or powerful electricity circulating the body

Vibrating, Itching, prickling, stinging tingling, or crawling sensations. Feeling Intense heat or cold.

Involuntary bodily movements like jerking, spasms, shaking.

Feeling an inner force moving your body in unusual ways.

Changes in eating and sleeping patterns. Hyperactivity or overwhelming fatigue.

Hyperactivity or overwhelming fatigue.

Intensified or diminished sexual desires

Headaches, pressure in the skull, pain and blocks in back or neck.

Racing heartbeat, pains in the chest, Digestive problems

Emotional & Psychological Symptoms

Very worrisome because of the way people around you are adversely affected.

Emotional outbursts, rapid mood changes.

Unprovoked or easily triggered, rage, fear, grief, depression.

Spontaneous vocalizations like laughing, weeping, bursting into song -all uncontrollably. 

Hearing inner sounds, like a flute, drum, waterfall, birds singing, bees buzzing.

Also sounds like thunder, roaring, whooshing or ringing in the ears.

Difficulty concentrating or focusing on tasks, mental confusion, short attention span.

Intensified sensitivity and understanding Insight into your inner essence.

Deeper understanding of spiritual truths.

Intense awareness of your environment.

Spiritual & Mystical  Symptoms

Can be very confusing without an experienced guide to explain them for you.

Altered states of consciousness, increased awareness and spontaneous trances.

Mystical experiences that can lead confusion psychosis or self-grandiosity.

Strange activity, heat, blissful sensations in the head, often in the crown.

Bliss, ecstasy, tremendous joy, love, peace and compassion that can be very addictive.

ESP or psychic experiences, trips out-of-body, past life awareness, astral travel,

Seeing auras and chakras, meeting spiritual guides, inner voices, visions, dreams, healing powers

Interest in creativity, self-expression and spiritual communication through art music, poetry...

Transcendental awareness, direct knowing, Enlightenment 

You can avoid or manage successfully all of the many Kundalini awakening symptoms, enjoying a wonderful transformation leading to Enlightenment.

   How You Can Enjoy Kundalini Benefits and Minimize Difficulties

​Your Kundalini Awakening Help Package

After our own years of Kundalini struggle, and a decade of teaching Kundalini, we've developed a short, very effective, 7 session Kundalini Awakening Help Course for your success. 

In the privacy and convenience of your own home, you can enjoy:

  • Shaktipat and Deeksha transmissions that awaken your Kundalini and your healing abilities.
  • Guided Meditations that bring the transmissions into clear focus for you.
  • Detailed, written lessons for your study.
  • Recordings of each session for you to listen to anytime.
  • Asking questions and getting practical answers from two highly experienced Kundalini veterans.

7 essentials for your Kundalini awakening success.

Here's a brief description of each Kundalini Awakening Help lesson:

1. ​Earth Energy Connection

Being well grounded in Earth energy enables you to safely and quickly go into higher ​energies and remain in them longer without losing focus.

You get a safety valve to release excess energy back into the ground -often a real problem when you're working with the power of Kundalini. Grounding out excess energy helps you become more relaxed and sleep better.

2. Celestial Energy Connection

White light from above gives you powerful healing energies to deal with the issues Kundalini releases inside you. You can also use it to heal everyone around you.

We also give you a set of symbols enabling you to heal specific types of issues fast.​

3. Breaking Thought/Emotion Patterns Fast

Your thoughts​ trigger your emotions. Your emotions power and perpetuate you thoughts.

Discovering how to quickly and easily break this viscous cycle frees you. It's the key to healing nearly all the painful inner issues Kundalini releases in you.

4. How Your Energy System Works

Kundalini works through your chakras and nadhis (energy channels). You need to be able to work with them. ​

We guide you through seeing/feeling you chakras and nadhis. We also share with you how to clean and repair them.​

5. Ancient Taoist Kundalini Safety Exercise

Is your Kundalini stuck up or generating more energy than you can handle?

Quickly and easily cool or bring down your Kundalini with this ancient Taoist exercise that also powers nearly all Chi Gong exercises​.

6. Raising Your Kundalini

We guide you through an easily​ mastered Kundalini raising exercise while giving you a Shaktipat initiation to awaken your Kundalini.

You'll be able to repeat the Kundalini exercise anytime you want to raise your Kundalini again by yourself -fully independent of us.​

7. Course Review & ​Repeat Kundalini Raising

Ask any questions you like. Request repeats of any transmission or guided meditation.

When your questions are answered, we'll go through raising your Kundalini a second time.​

And then we give you your 8th Essential. It's completely free and definitely essential.
Keep reading to discover your free 8th essential below.

What Others Are Saying

Jean WilesAfrican Businesswoman

"Richard and Remedia’s course was a journey of life - unspeakable adventure - a bumpy road - from tears and fears through to joy. They picked me up when I stumbled - they both held my hands tightly when I needed them most and guided me safely through to the very end. Every button within was pushed and each moment with them unfolded new love and growth. They stabilized my Kundalini and gave me invaluable tools - showed me how Kundalini worked and how to raise it safely. They taught me about the human energy system, various healing techniques. They guided me to finding my innermost being.

If you are reading this and perhaps considering this course - know that you will have your life unfold for you in a way you never dreamt possible. Life will one day be filled, ever so magically, with Divine Love and Light. Trust Richard and Remedia implicitly, do your meditation and they will guide, love and heal you all the way to Realization and beyond. I hold them both forever dear. Gratitude holds no bounds.

Thank you so very much Richard and Remedia … thank you God."

Oliver SeahSingapore

"I was feeling over heated from practicing Kundalini meditation. The heat made me frustrated and restless, and I suffered frequent fever and sore throat which doctors couldn’t help much with prescription medicine.

Richard and Shaman Remedia guided me to channel excess energy back to Mother Earth and also to use the energy for personal healing. Now there’s greater sensitivity and intuition during my daily chores. I have deeper empathy towards others and loving understanding. My personal creativity and charisma increased to a whole new level and ageing seem to be slowing down.

Richard and Remedia are honest in sharing their vast experiences, and their teaching is simple to understand. Without proper guidance from a qualified teacher, one may not be able to fully handle the challenges Kundalini brings in physical and spiritual realms.

I am very thankful that, during my tough times, Richard and Shaman Remedia stood by me in spiritual training and mentorship."

Joshua MageeDenver Massage Therapist & Healer

"I was practicing a Kundalini focused mediation for many years but my problem was I could only seem to make it work part of the time. Richard showed me how to influence my Kundalini to rise very effortlessly and in turn put my practice into its next level. I'm in gratitude that I have this tremendous tool for my spiritual growth.

Thanks Richard and Remedia!"

Simba RusseauSpiritual Traveler Web Designer

"My entire energy system was a mess and out of balance when I met Richard & Remedia. Now, my natural rhythm has been restored. I uncovered and healed deeply hidden emotional wounds from both present and past lives. I’ve become able to channel the Kunalini energy to heal others.

Richard & Remedia are funny, real and down to earth. I’ve met many healers throughout my journey and travels, but it’s rare to meet healers who have opened themselves to numerous experiences, which allows them to approach each student with unconditional love and non-judgement. Most importantly, is that they continue to heal themselves and seek new ways to serve not only themselves but others. This is key.

Everyone’s experience is different but after working with them, I feel a great force, this untapped power and creative energy within me. With this realization, you will be able to transform every area of your life."

Your 8th Essential -Free Ongoing Support 

Because we really want you to succeed, and because we know you really need it, we'll connect you with free lifetime support in a Kundalini Awakening Help group that we participate in daily.

We know that raising your Kundalini isn't a one off thing. As you faithfully do your practice, issues are going to appear. You're going to need advice.

We'll be there for you.​

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