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Joshua Magee


“I was having problems with a psychic attack when I found Richard and Remedia.

They gave me the ability to protect myself, my family, and my clients.  They connected me to higher beings, making it easy to receive their help, blessing, and teachings.

The most important benefits I gained were:

The ability to have a self-sufficient meditation practice without a teacher or Guru.

A deep sense of love, energy, connection, and understanding. 

A big jump in spiritual growth.

Richard and Remedia both take lots of time to answer my questions during the session –even if we go over the allotted time.  It’s a breath of fresh air to have teachers like that…that don’t make you feel like you’re bugging them if you have questions along the way.

If you have any sort of spiritual inclination at all, or suffer from things that you can’t quite put your finger on, then Richard and Remedia are definitely who you should work with!

Every week there are high quality, fun, and interesting subjects.”

Joshua went on to add this note to his Testimonial.

“At the end of my Bikram yoga class this morning, when we were in final savasana, I asked Richard for another teaching with my mind.

In an amazing vision, a beam of energy shot out of his Third Eye into my Third Eye.

My awareness was pulled out of the top of my crown, down out of my base and out through each side of my heart simultaneously.  My awareness was being pulled in four directions at once, nonstop. 

I heard Richard explain to me that my awareness needed to expand across the expanse of the universe.  He told me not to do this to anyone else –only to my most serious meditation students.”