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Jean Wiles

Jean Wiles

Jean Wiles

When I first came to you, I had experienced Kundalini awakening.

My whole world had opened up for me, but I felt as though I was stuck behind the wheel of a Formula 1 sports car leap-frogging round and round in circles with absolutely no idea of how to control or drive it properly.

There was also no apparent way for me to climb out. It was emotionally totally overwhelming. I knew I needed some very special help and I knew I was to use this energy to heal.

In meditation I pleaded with the universe to please send the right teachers to me. Later that day ‘How to Meditate-n-Heal with Love’ lit up on my computer. I read through the courses but a part of me felt I didn’t need and would not be able to relate to a lot of the course topics. They seemed too far from my world and my culture.

I tried many other avenues but no-one even acknowledged a single e-mail, phone-call or message. A month later, feeling desperate, I asked the universe once again for help. Your website re-immerged.

The penny dropped!!!!

Wow –I had asked and was answered and wasn’t trusting the universe! I saw instantly that I was being afraid of something new and perhaps rather different. That’s all it was.

Being with you both has helped me immeasurably. Finding out who I really am and my purpose in this life was probably the biggest benefit for me. I never dreamt this was even a possibility. It has given me such a deep sense of peace and an amazing acceptance and understanding of where I stand today.

You have given me tools so that I can cope with any and every situation I might find myself in. These are invaluable. You have given me a solid loving foundation to work from and I have in turn learnt to trust the universe. Your lessons have shown me that I am totally safe whilst making new discoveries about the real inner world and myself.

You have shown me ways to heal myself and others based on the most powerful energy in the universe –Divine Love. I have felt the depth of this love and it is absolutely beyond measure. It has shown me gratitude and humbleness to the very core, the doorway to the Divine Soul and all the Universal Teachers. No-one could possibly ask for more.

You have helped me find my true source and nature which is working with love. I have the ability to generate and work with huge amounts of love. I have learnt how to access the universe for help. The ability to heal myself and others is a constant work in progress.

You and Remedia are such an amazing combination. I see you together as a whole. Richard, your meditations with Remedia supporting quietly beside you, often digging you in the ribs, is incredibly special and powerful in many ways. I savoured every single moment. You are both highly astute, deeply compassionate and loving. You work tirelessly and selflessly giving everything you have. I especially loved the way you both, in your own separate way, so carefully and skillfully kept me on the straight and narrow when I needed it most. Deeply appreciated!

Whilst you both teach and heal, Richard you are a very special teacher. You have an acute sensitivity, you knew and understood how foreign these teachings were for me. You had been through it all yourself. Remedia.. wow.. an amazingly powerful and effective, yet charming and delightful little healer with such enormous amounts of love to give. It’s impossible to not love you both dearly… a magnificent combination.

The course has been a journey beyond my wildest imagination. It has been one of incredible self discovery and a huge challenge. I have nervously, yet avidly, looked forward to each and every week. You have given me so much more than I could ever have wished for. You have filled my heart to bursting and fed the very centre of my soul… something impossible to put words to. I am and shall remain eternally grateful to you both. Thank you Universe!

My deepest and sincerest thanks and love to you both. Namaste.

Jean Wiles