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How to Chant Om With Swami Sundaranand

| March 2, 2013

Authentic Himalayan yoga Swami, Swami Sundaranand enlightens viewers on how chanting om, the inner music and sound, your yoga Om or an aum yoga mantra can transform your life. From the film “Personal Time with Swami-ji” Shot in the Indian Himalyas. Yoga meditation explained for advanced yoga practitioners and beginners.


I love this video on how to chant om.

Genuine Swami Sundaranand explains that the magical power of sound awakens your inner luminous being.

As your lovely inner being awakens, your physical being transforms too.

Like the Swami says, your skin changes. Your odor changes. A radiant light shines out of you.

The power of sound is very much meditation.

You can start with the easiest, most basic mantra –Om.

Simply copy the Swami, and remember that the power is in the vibration.

  1. Sit in a comfortable, relaxed position.
  2. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your nasal bone.
  3. Begin chanting Om
  4. Allow the long, drawnout mmm… sound to vibrate your nasal bone.
  5. Keep the vibrations even and smooth and allow them to fill your entire head.

You may feel expansion in your head,  the top of your head may disappear or the entire universe may open up as the vibrations flow through your brain.

You can chat Om for as long as you want to. Using a timer or a set of prayer beads to keep track of your repetitions is very helpful.



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