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Would you enjoy fast, easy, safe meditation progress?

Would you like to be able to heal yourself and others?

Would you like honest answers for all your questions about meditation and healing?

Hi Dear Spiritual Friend,

We’re Richard & Remedia Crown.

"The teacher who limits his students curses himself" Yogi Bhajan

We want to give you everything we have.

Everything means the highest states of meditation -states that open our entire universe to your mind.

We also want to give you the most powerful healing energies that exist.

And we really do mean give.

We won’t ask you to do long, difficult years of meditation or to spend years searching Asia for teachers like we did.

We’ll simply place our abilities in you — just like our best teachers did for us.

Those teachers weren’t the big-name gurus you may be familiar with.

We found our best teachers in remote villages or sitting naked under a tree in the middle of nowhere.

Each of them delivered his teachings to us on a very personal level — from his mind directly into our minds.

But before I share with you how all this works, and about how Grace makes it so easy for you, I have a confession to make.

My meditation struggles

I struggled with meditation for years.

Remedia sat next to me, blissfully meditating for hours on end.

My disability prevented me from finding a comfortable position to meditate in. Pain wracked my body. The longer I tried to sit, the worse my pain got.

My mind wouldn’t stay still.

It wouldn’t even GET still.

Wild thoughts kept coming out of nowhere. The more I tried to suppress my crazy thoughts, the more tension, stress and pain increased inside of me.

I felt terribly guilty because I hated meditation, and I couldn’t do it.

Then the universe changed my life. But as often happens, when the universe forces us to change, the change wasn’t pleasant or easy.

A badly broken elbow meant that I could no longer play my musical instrument. I lost my highly lucrative career. We had to sell our home to pay medical bills and make ends meet.

We find a life changing teacher

Just when we were at our lowest ebb, not knowing what to do next, we met an amazing teacher at his orphanage high in the remote hills separating Thailand from Burma.

Krishna Kantha introduced us to a way of learning meditation and healing that we had never experienced before.

He came to our room morning and evening and, while we meditated with him, he used mind-to-mind transmissions to place advanced meditations in our minds.

Suddenly, my mind was clear.

My meditation became a joyful breeze.

I was able to stay in different states of meditation for as long as I wanted to. And when I got up from doing meditation, my meditative state stayed with me while I was doing the chores of living.

I was in blissful meditation all the time, no matter what I was doing.

At the end of three short weeks, Krishna told us to go to India. He said we would find much higher meditations there.

We spent five years in India, always discovering more teachers and deeper teachings until we were in Samadhi –the highest state of meditation.

Then our Indian teachers told us that it was time for us to start teaching just like they do -using mind-to-transmissions.

Our teachers tell us it’s time for us to teach

Sakthi Amma destroyed my ego in Emptiness

Krishna Kantha — When Krishna told us we would become teachers, I didn’t really believe him. But that’s exactly what happened. A few weeks later we were offered a free booth and a speaking slot at Singapore’s annual holistic fair.

Sakthi Amma — Our first Indian guru said to me, “You’re disabled. It’s difficult for you to go around finding teachers. Go home, do your meditation, and I’m going to send you everything.”

Everything started with the death of my ego in emptiness that very night. Ego death is the prerequisite for teaching meditation in India.

Sakthi Amma didn’t stop there. Every month, as the full moon neared, he sent me another set of teachings until I had the highest states of meditation, and I was able to give them to others.

KVS — After our first meeting, the head meditation teacher at Ramana Maharshi’s ashram said, “Start doing Satsangs (public teaching) like Mooji and these other Western gurus. Offer one for free and another one that’s paid.”

Grace gives you instant progress

Would you enjoy experiencing instant meditation progress without effort?

You can.

Would you like to be able to heal yourself fast? And then heal everyone around you?

You can.

Would you enjoy having experienced teachers answer ALL your questions?

You can.

In the first meditation class with us, every one experiences something similar to this:

“I began feeling a strange, yet not unpleasant, warmth in my hands and chest. Soon, my mind saw a golden flower bud appear in the center of my chest. As the golden bud opened, light and energy poured out of it into me. When the brilliant center of the opening flower was finally revealed, powerful waves of love began filling my whole heart and my entire chest. The love pulsated through me, striking painful emotional blocks and dissolving them away. My mind cleared and expanded, becoming bigger and bigger.”

Kristina Loyd, Ontario, Canada

How is this possible?

What I mean is this.

We’re in Asia giving you the meditation lesson via Skype while you’re listening happily in the comfort of your own home.

How can your mind possibly start seeing and experiencing the states of meditation that we’re talking you through in a live, guided meditation?

Ancient Eastern meditation teaching method explained

Have you heard about Oneness?

Oneness is a very high state of meditation. In Oneness, you become every being in our Universe in one vast field of living light.

Here’s how Eastern teachers use Oneness to instantly give you advanced meditations.

Your teacher enters into any state of meditation he wants to give you. Then, for the brief time that he’s giving you the meditation, he becomes you. Or you become him.

You instantly and effortlessly become able to do the same meditation your guru can do.

Exactly like we became able to go into advanced meditations with Krishna Kantha.

The best Eastern masters have been using Oneness to transmit their teachings from one mind to another mind for thousands of years.

But those Eastern teachers don’t give you a guided meditation. They just give you the mind-to-mind transmission.

If your meditation is good enough to realize what your guru has given you, you get his silent, unspoken teaching. If your mind can’t realize it, you don’t get it.

This highly advanced Eastern teaching method doesn’t work very well for Western students who are used to verbal or written lessons.

You get the best of East & West

Westerners really need to have written and spoken guidance along with their mind to mind transmission. You’ll get a combination of the best Eastern and Western teaching methods from us.

Your progress will skyrocket because you’ll get the psychic transmissions and guided meditations along with verbal and written explanations.

And you get to ask us any questions you have to clarify anything that you don’t understand.

It took us years of meditation and exploration to learn how to use mind-to-mind transmissions to give you deep states of meditation and healing abilities while you’re on the other side of world.

Then it took us more years of professional teaching to develop the best methods to bring you the fastest progress.

We discovered that you’ll get the best results if we work individually -one on one or in very small groups.

Our available time slots fill up fast.

You escape from long, painful years of learning AND you save a ton of money

Traditional meditation courses require you to sit for many, many years in a retreat setting before you experience the deep states of meditation you want to achieve.

The traditional route may even require you to give up everything you have, travel to the other side of the world, find a teacher in a foreign country filled with fakirs and then sit alone on top of a mountain fasting and freezing, hoping to get what you want so badly.

And if you want to learn the art of healing, you probably have to delve into the wild and crazy world of New Age, where everyone has a different teaching that seems to change daily.

And have you checked out prices for New Age courses?

You have to pay a small fortune to learn just one modality in a holistic center.

And you need many different modalities, that you have to learn from many different teachers, to become an effective healer able to deal competently with the myriad of issues that arise during healing sessions.

You get EVERYTHING you need for full awakening and healing in one course

Imagine having teachers who will guide you into the deepest states of meditation AND give you the ability to use the many different energies needed to heal ANY issue that appears.


Your meditation will become effortless joy as your mind becomes able to explore the mysteries of our universe.

You’ll heal yourself and your loved ones. You could become a professional healer in great demand.

You can have teachers who share the deepest secrets of meditation and healing openly. Teachers who will answer any question you ask -not with a lecture, but by giving you what you ask for in a direct experience.

Then you’ll be able to re-create your experience all by yourself, any time you want -without your teacher’s presence.

Traditional Western methods of learning stimulate and grow your intellectual mind. Traditional Eastern methods of learning address the awareness part of your mind.

You’ll enjoy the fastest, easiest, most painless experience when both Eastern and Western methods are combined for you.

You go into super consciousness

There’s a huge benefit to stimulating both sides of your mind - the intellectual and the awareness.

As more and more information transfers back and forth between the two halves of your brain, the ganglia connecting them has to grow. When ganglia growth reaches a certain stage, it feels exactly like both sides of your brain have grown together.

You now have a whole brain with both sides functioning together.

Sri Aurobindo, one of India’s greatest sages, termed this state “Super-consciousness”.

Super-consciousness can be yours.

Meditation n Healing Course Description

Module 1 Divine Awakening

Discover how to heal all issues separating you from realization in 24 lessons that give you the skills of a professional healer.

We'll also introduce you to very deep meditation states like Emptiness.​

Module 2 Becoming Divine​

In these 24 lessons you'll explore the upper astral realms, or energy worlds, visiting the homes of enlightened beings to receive teachings from them, realize your home there and become one of them.

Module 3 Going Beyond

These 16 lessons take you beyond all phenomenon into the deepest state of meditation -pure awareness or Samahdi.

What you’ll get from us

You won’t get:

· Another canned meditation course delivered via video, MP3 or PDF

· Boring lectures that give you only intellectual answers but no experience

· Huge classes where you have no chance of interacting with your teacher

You will get:

· Live, personal, interactive lessons via Skype delivered once a week by two highly experienced teachers so that your wonderful journey of awakening is smooth and easy.

· Clear guidance into the highest states of meditation so that all mysteries are solved through your direct experience. You will know firsthand.

· Mind to mind initiations that awaken your meditation/healing abilities instantly so that you don’t have to waste long years practicing meditation and wondering if you’ll ever get anywhere.

· Guided meditations that bring your initiations to life for you immediately so that you don’t have the difficulties of realizing psychic mind to mind transmissions without help.

· Guided exercises so that you have you hands-on experience.

· Interactive participation –ask us questions and get your answers during class so you’re clear about everything we do.

· A new written lesson each week so that you can refer back to it anytime.

· An MP3 recording of each session so that you’ll have the guided meditations to listen to anytime.

· Unlimited email and chat support so that you never feel alone on your spiritual journey towards full awakening.

What Others Are Saying

Jean WilesAfrican Businesswoman

"Richard and Remedia’s course was a journey of life - unspeakable adventure - a bumpy road - from tears and fears through to joy. They picked me up when I stumbled - they both held my hands tightly when I needed them most and guided me safely through to the very end. Every button within was pushed and each moment with them unfolded new love and growth. They stabilized my Kundalini and gave me invaluable tools - showed me how Kundalini worked and how to raise it safely. They taught me about the human energy system, various healing techniques. They guided me to finding my innermost being.

If you are reading this and perhaps considering this course - know that you will have your life unfold for you in a way you never dreamt possible. Life will one day be filled, ever so magically, with Divine Love and Light. Trust Richard and Remedia implicitly, do your meditation and they will guide, love and heal you all the way to Realization and beyond. I hold them both forever dear. Gratitude holds no bounds.

Thank you so very much Richard and Remedia … thank you God."

Oliver SeahSingapore

"I was feeling over heated from practicing Kundalini meditation. The heat made me frustrated and restless, and I suffered frequent fever and sore throat which doctors couldn’t help much with prescription medicine.

Richard and Shaman Remedia guided me to channel excess energy back to Mother Earth and also to use the energy for personal healing. Now there’s greater sensitivity and intuition during my daily chores. I have deeper empathy towards others and loving understanding. My personal creativity and charisma increased to a whole new level and ageing seem to be slowing down.

Richard and Remedia are honest in sharing their vast experiences, and their teaching is simple to understand. Without proper guidance from a qualified teacher, one may not be able to fully handle the challenges Kundalini brings in physical and spiritual realms.

I am very thankful that, during my tough times, Richard and Shaman Remedia stood by me in spiritual training and mentorship."

Joshua MageeDenver Massage Therapist & Healer

"I was practicing a Kundalini focused mediation for many years but my problem was I could only seem to make it work part of the time. Richard showed me how to influence my Kundalini to rise very effortlessly and in turn put my practice into its next level. I'm in gratitude that I have this tremendous tool for my spiritual growth.

Thanks Richard and Remedia!"

Simba RusseauSpiritual Traveler Web Designer

"My entire energy system was a mess and out of balance when I met Richard & Remedia. Now, my natural rhythm has been restored. I uncovered and healed deeply hidden emotional wounds from both present and past lives. I’ve become able to channel the Kunalini energy to heal others.

Richard & Remedia are funny, real and down to earth. I’ve met many healers throughout my journey and travels, but it’s rare to meet healers who have opened themselves to numerous experiences, which allows them to approach each student with unconditional love and non-judgement. Most importantly, is that they continue to heal themselves and seek new ways to serve not only themselves but others. This is key.

Everyone’s experience is different but after working with them, I feel a great force, this untapped power and creative energy within me. With this realization, you will be able to transform every area of your life."