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Your Life-Changing Energy Healing Session

Loving healing for your body, mind, spirit and emotions

Here to Help You Heal

Here to Help You Heal

Hello dear Spiritual Friend,

You can enjoy a loving, powerful healing that will transform your life.

We’re Remedia and Richard Crown.

We’re completely dedicated to your healing and to your spiritual growth.

Do you have one of these common issues afflicting you?

  1. The death of a loved one.
  2. The end of a relationship.
  3. A life-threatening illness that you’re having difficulty coming to terms with.

Or, if you’re feeling like nothing is working in your life, you could have:

  1. An energy imbalance.
  2. Bad karma that you need removed.
  3. An emotional attack coming from another person.

Or possibly you need a little help manifesting:

  1. A new relationship with the right person who will fill you with joy.
  2. A more positive outlook on something that you think is a disaster.
  3. A new, more fulfilling job or career that you can get passionate about.

What are some of the issues you’ll heal successfully in my energy healing session?

We’re very good at helping you with manifesting, energetic, spiritual and emotional issues. Being healed on these deep levels often results in a physical healing occurring as well.

Here’s a basic outline of what we do in every healing session and the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Once we’ve done this basic healing, we start working on your particular issues.

What tools and modalities will you use in my energy healing session?

Love –pure, unadulterated, unconditional universal love is the most powerful energy existing for your healing.

We give you love.

We also have so many other energies and tools to help you with that it’s impossible to list them all.

Here are a few of the important energies that you’ll experience the benefits of:

  1. Reiki. We were both certified Reiki Master/Teachers long before Reiki became popular.
  2. White light’s blinding power heals and protects you. It comes directly from The Source of All.
  3. Amrita instantly transform karma, black magic and entities leaving you feeling wonderfully light and clear.

We’ll also use:

  1. Rainbow light for the most versatile healing.
  2. The matrix where we can change the fabric of your future.
  3. Shakti -the most basic energy particles in our universe will bring lasting, positive changes to your entire being.

What qualifies Remedia and Richard to give me an energy healing session?

Remedia was born into the Clan of Healers in the Wari Wari tribe inhabiting the Visayan Islands in the Philippines.

She’s a Shaman by birthright. She learned her craft as a child at the feet of her grandmother and aunties. You get her undiluted healing wisdom that has been passed down through untold generations from Shaman to Shaman.

Remedia has been using the magic of love to heal others her entire life.

Richard left his home in California 36 years ago to explore Asia. He’s spent decades learning from and meditating with Asia’s wonderful teachers.

Richard’s been recognized by Indian Satgurus (true Gurus) as a fully qualified meditation teacher able to help you with anything that arises in your healing session.

Working together for the last fifteen years, we’ve helped thousands of people all over the world.

How will my energy healing session be delivered?

You’ll have 2 choices about how to receive your life changing healing after you’ve reserved your session:

  1. Enjoy a live Skype session where you can see and hear us. You’ll be able to ask questions, get answers and participate in guided healing meditations –all at a time of your choosing in your own home. You get an MP3 recording of the entire session.
  2. Relax and sleep through your session after you’ve sent us your picture. No Skype session needed. You simply wake up the next morning feeling wonderful. You get a detailed written report of everything we discovered and healed for you.
Are you suffering needlessly?Your pain can be healed very quickly.Do you feel trapped -like you’re dying inside?You can live a life filled with passion and freedom.Does your life need changing?You can enjoy a whole new life.

The healing compassion of Remedia added to the clear perception of Richard make them precious. Humility and commitment to spread love are the words I choose to describe them.

Helene Averous, France

Reserve your personal, one-on-one, energy healing session with us now –before our schedule fills up completely, forcing you to wait for relief.

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Energy Healing Session $98

Thank you for trusting us to help you. We’ll do our best for you.

We’ll respond within 24 hours and do your energy healing session as soon as possible.

Love and Namaste,

Remedia and Richard Crown

P.S.  During your energy healing session, Richard will clear any negative energies harming you while Remedia wraps you in a golden cocoon of healing love.

You get the full benefit of two powerful, fully dedicated healers working on you at the same time.

Please sign up now before our schedule fills up and you have to wait longer for relief.