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About Us

Hi Dear Spiritual Friend,

Here to Help Your Meditation & Healing

Here to Help Your Meditation & Healing

Developing your lovely inner self is the focus of How to Meditate n Heal With Love.

It’s our labor of love.

We’re Richard Crown & Shaman Remedia.

We both love living in luminous Divine Light.

Remedia and I also love helping others discover their own luminous inner being.

Our Story

I grew up in California and moved to Asia more than thirty-five years ago.

Meeting Remedia in the Philippines twenty years ago was a big turning point for both of us.

Remedia was a single mother, struggling along while holding three jobs –trying hard to make ends meet.

I was struggling too. A motorcycle accident in 1984 cost me the use of my arms. I desperately needed a caregiver. But the loss of my arms wasn’t my biggest disability. My biggest impediment was severe chronic pain.

The first time Remedia gently massaged my shoulders and neck, my pain decreased immediately.

Fascinated by the magic coming out of Remedia’s hands, I began studying healing with Masters all over Asia.

Remedia was equally enthusiastic. She wanted to add on to the impressive healing skills she had begun learning as a child from her Grandma Pombai –a leading Shaman and midwife in the Wari-Wari tribe inhabiting the Central Philippines.

Soon, we were teaching Reiki. Then the Chi Gong we learned from Master Mantak Chia.

Another crucial turning point came in Thailand when we met Krishna Kantha, Thailand’s living Saint. When Krishna placed his hands on our heads, the entire Universe opened for us.

“Go to India,” Krishna told us when he’d finished teaching us with his amazing mind to mind psychic transmissions. “Just be in India. There’s something special, something magical about the soil of Mother India. Just go and be there.”

Years later, we’re still spending major time in India. There is something magical there. Temples, Ashrams, Gurus and Yogis alike fascinate us as we delve ever deeper into the mystical worlds of meditation and healing.

How We Can Help You

Today, we do all of our healing and teaching work over the internet via Skype and in Tele Classes. We use  the same psychic mind to mind transmissions to awaken you that Krishna Kantha used to awaken us.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible worldwide to heal themselves and go into living an awakened, aware existence.

You can enjoy:

  • Our collection of videos featuring the web’s best meditation teachers.

You can also request Healing or a Spiritual Reading via Skype or Telephone that will tell you exactly where you are on your personal path.

Welcome & Namaste,

Richard Crown & Shaman Remedia

Get In Touch

We’re always happy to hear from you.

Just send an Email to Richard@Meditatenheal.org

We’ll get right back to you.

Or send us a Skype contact request at Skype ID Meditatenheal