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Helping you heal your pain and transform your life 

Remedia Heals Your PAin

Remedia Heals Your Pain

Remedia's been healing people's pain her entire life.

She was born into the Clan of Healers in the Wari Wari Tribe in the Central Philippines.

Remedia can relieve your suffering  --just like she's helped thousands of others worldwide.

Richard Guides You to Bliss

You get the essence of ancient Asian wisdom without the religion.

Richard's been in Asia 37 years gathering teachings from all traditions to share with you.

He can remove the negative energies causing you difficulty and guide you into the deepest meditations very quickly.

You Can Enjoy Living a fully Awakened Life

Imagine living a life of infinite potential filled with limitless Love
You can have a profoundly positive impact on your own destiny and on the lives of everyone around you.
By discovering how to utilize your complete mind and act from a heart filled with infinite Love.
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Spiritual Reading

Your Spiritual Reading


  • ​Where you are on your Spiritual journey
  • What's blocking your progress
  • What your talents and abilities are

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Blissful Healing

Your Blissful Healing

Richard removes any negative energies​ afflicting you

Remedia heals you with the most powerful energy in our Universe --Pure Love

You simply relax and enjoy​

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Kundalini Awakening

Your Kundalini Awakening

Want to experience a genuine Kundalini Awakening?

Or are you already in a Kundalini Awakening and need help managing it?

Either way we can help you.​

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Meditation Course

Meditation Success

Your Meditation Success

Tired of slow or no meditation progress?

Sick of never ending cycles of suffering?

We can guide you to freedom quickly, easily and safely.​

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